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Network Information

DataShelf is located in downtown Tampa, Florida. Our servers are located in one of the best Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in the southeast. Our state of the art facility is equipped with backup diesel generators and a facility-wide uninterruptible power supply to keep the equipment running in the event of a short or long duration power loss. It is also protected by a non-destructive Halon fire suppression system with heat and smoke detection.


DataShelf's maximum connection capacity totals over 3 gigs: UUNET, Time Warner, Level 3, and EPiK. In proving our commitment to performance, we will increase our equipment or bandwidth whenever we reach 60% of its respective capacity.

Our fault tolerant Linux servers contain redundant hard disks configured in RAID level 5 and redundant power supplies. Additionally, we maintain identically configured servers off line for immediate replacement should the need arise. We also utilize off-site redundant connections and secondary name servers that are ready to immediately switch over in the unlikely case of catastrophic failure such as NOC destruction. Lastly, we utilize a network backup solution to our offsite, offline servers providing the confidence you need in that your data will always have a home.

DataShelf is a debt-free positive cash flow company that is sheltered from financial as well as environmental risks.


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